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Jesse van der Ploeg

Jesse van der Ploeg (Amsterdam, 1989) is the co-founder of Studio Wild (2018). He operates in areas of tension between art, architecture, and nature, embracing complexity by working in a variety of disciplines, with a focus on the relationship between landscape and architecture. This is reflected in his academic background, having studied at the Rietveld Academy and Architecture at the TU Delft.

To engage in a dialogue with such surroundings successfully, he believes both physical and theoretical work is essential. In his work, he aims to unite praxis and theory. The importance of building models, prototypes, and building elements is crucial to understanding the challenges of construction and execution when building in both cultural and natural landscapes. Through initiating projects within these contexts, he endeavors to create architecture with an autonomous character. Studio Wild approaches every site and project with an original view, creating a means of discussion and dialogue. This method of working in a very intimate way, negotiating with the landscape, results in an architecture consciously situated in time and place.