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FAHR 021.3 in Topolò

From the 15th to the 21st of August FAHR 021.3 will be in Topolò in order to speculate on Estado Límbico.

Estado Límbico is a fictional project that reflects on place and time. The work emerges from an investigation started in 2022, when FAHR 021.3 was invited by Robida in the context of the Academy of Margins (here you can listen to their public talk).

In 2023, the residency pursuits a performatic imaginary created by the first encounter between the human body and the material environment. Amid inhabited and uninhabited households, strangers look after whatever was left behind and reinterpret the why and how.

With the support of the Shuttle program of Ágora - Cultura e Desporto do Porto, E.M., S.A