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Sasha van Aalst

In the end...
when she drives from the lowlands to the Alps she thinks she is going to Northern Europe because in her mind, the Alps are cooler. She is not the best pigeon but she is definitely young and vibrant.

Sasha is a bread maker, daydreamer, slow story teller, lover of flowers, quite a good cook (even if she would say 'okay'), a gift enthusiast who cannot keep surprises because she is too excited for the gift she found, friendly salesperson at the farmers' market, host, goofball, wannabe cowboy, smells good, loves a good household solution, breather, walker, photo taker and creator of auntie's solutions (ask around).

Sasha studied art history at the University of Amsterdam after which she taught yoga classes and programs in cultural spaces and yoga schools until 2020. She is interested in creating communal spaces and helping things run smoothly in a practical and intuitive sense. At the moment she is doing this at a bakery that she runs with her father, brother and others. She loves taking care of the garden behind the bakery too. She likes to process experiences, conversations and relations in her vicinity through photographs and writing.

She likes to remind people (and herself) to feel their feet (in tricky or exciting situations). She is a special and quite funny flower who loves to be with others and also on her own. She is studying Italian to slowly, maybe, spend more time in the country and flow with mediterranean vibes.

A dragonfly helped her write a bio and some of her favourite words: liminal, threshold, taciturn, whence, gentleness, reverberation, residue.

1987, NL-UK-USA