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Radio Robida S02E01

Radio Robida day
Season02 Episode01 of 2023
Saturday March 11th, from 7 to 22

Radio is a tool for us, with which to explore topics we are interested in, an instrument which requires from us active time for our own research, which stimulates us to share what we are weekly thinking about, where our minds and bodies are immersed in at that moment..
2023 will bring much more radio content: we will start a bigger project which will include many different people but also continue with this relaxed way of doing radio – radio as brushing your teeth, someone once said. Radio also as a sweet way of being in contact with Robida fam, through the voice and through sending love and appreciation via chat!

3 new programs start, beside the usual favorites!

In the new show Bring the Noise we are going to listen to and think about music which stays on the edge of, uses, abuses or itself becomes noise, din, sonic delirium. Delving into some of the most influential albums circling around the noise tradition, we are going to be philosophically reimagining the position of the cuts, the breaks, the screams, the shouts and the screeches which destabilize the ordinary musical discourse. So, don't forget to turn it up! (by Aljaž)

Branching in, branching out is a new program of Radio Robida that wants to explore collective learning, situated pedagogies and embodied knowledge practices as ways of propagating new realities. The title comes from an interpretation of the etymology of the verb to educate – latin educere, to draw out, take out but also branch out.
Branching in, branching out is a double movement of reaching and encountering what is afar, being inspired and open to different discourses, but at the same time going into what we have an affection to, rooting ourself, being activated and moved by what stays in our proximity, leaning on the landscape and learning from it. (by Vida)

Esplorazioni sonore nel paese di Topolò alla ricerca di una casa.
Ogni puntata racconterà un ambiente domestico in relazione agli spazi del paese. (Dora)