Radio Robida


Academy of Margins with Lijuan Klassen: In the Spider's Web - reading group / 9.8.2022

09 Aug – 09 Aug 2022

Izba and Radio Robida, 18:00

(A meditation on spider webs) In the Spider’s web - reading group

with Lijuan Klassen

Who doesn’t know the experience of a fleeting thought, of the impossibility to grasp a feeling with language and concepts? As an analogy by Ludwig Wittgenstein, in Philosophical Investigations, puts it fittingly: „We feel as if we had to repair a torn spider’s web with our own fingers“. Figures of thought, like the spider’s web, shape how we think thought, tell stories and approach the world — they are crucial vehicles for how we are in the world. Seeking for meaningful responses to the repercussions of climate change, racist capitalist regimes, the main objective of philosophy can no longer be truth but change. Thus, we must challenge the metaphors we are so used to employ.

As an introduction to the reader: In The Spider’s Web, we discussed the delicate but important differences between networks, , along the line of Tim Ingold’s text „When ANT meets SPIDER: Social theory for arthropods“ (2008). What happened during our reading group, was an electric mutual questioning and explaining, where (ex)changes of thought in the making could be tangibly felt. So, from within the spider’s web, the only thing that we can hope for is for something to catch on.

Participants: Vida Rucli, Elena Rucli, Ola Korbańska, Franek Korbański, Tiziana Bertoncini, Thomas Lehn, Pola Salicka, Aljaž Škrlep.