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Jack Bardwell in Topolò x Radio drugega

"My work and research into pirate broadcasting and contemporary internet radio culture has lead me back to much earlier forms of community broadcast. When I visited Topolò last year I was struck by the bells ringing out in the hills from different villages and the various activities they were signalling and aligning. I’m interested in the cultural significance of this intangible phenomenon and how the stories of bell ringing in the past connect to the current grappling of control over media and its effects on cultural action/community convening. While in Topolò I will be visiting sites of bells and bell forgers, doing field recordings and writing stories for a radio show. I would love to also interview people who are currently involved in this art form. These interviews could become part of the story as I jump along a timeline from bell tower to radio antenna."
– Jack Bardwell

Check the research he is carrying on here!

The radio show is part of The Other Radio platform, a project of the Robida Collective, co-financed by the public institute GO! 2025 - European capital of culture, Nova Gorica.