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Academy of Margins with Adam Przywara, Pola Salicka and Marcin Liminowicz: Marginal Materialities / 7.8.2022

Marginal Materialities: The Stories of Placemaking

with Pola Salicka, Marcin Liminowicz, and Adam Przywara, PhD Candidate in the Manchester Architecture Research Group at the University of Manchester

The materiality of architecture is an expression of a concrete relationship between humans and their environment: human-nature metabolism. Acknowledging that relationship allows us to think of architectural spaces beyond the abstract dualities of nature and culture, human and non-human, agency and matter. This event will be dedicated to learning, discussing, and operationalizing the concept of materiality and material metabolism in architectural design and place-making practices. The opening lecture will introduce the concepts and showcase the research on the materiality of architecture in the broader geographical and historical context. The following discussion and excursion around Topolò will position that knowledge in the local context.