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Radio Robida S03E01

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About the new programs:

Katerina Matijevic: Adagio Hotel

Ep. 1 The Geranium Room
Step into Adagio Hotel, where every room unveils a new musical theme. Explore diverse genres, eras and global sounds in our monthly rendez-vous. Each episode invites you to immerse in a specific atmosphere, journeying through the composers' creative processes and the cultural contexts behind each piece.

Antônio Frederico Lasalvia: Quebrando Tudo

In Quebrando Tudo, we experiment the cosmogonic legacy of affluent cultures that became grounded among palm trees by unveiling some quintessential and obscure Brazilian music. Between an heterogeneously autogenous imaginary, we listen our way towards the universal language for the new men, the new women and beyond. Thematic playlists are curated each month by Antônio Frederico Lasalvia, sometimes joined by guests.

Consentis and Reset!: Consent and Safer Spaces in Nightlife, Aysun Yildirim & Mathilde Neuville

Consentis, a France-based NGO advocating for a culture of consent in nightlife, and the DJ and radio host Aysun Yildirim, have created an awareness-raising podcast supported by the European network Reset!.
What does consent mean? How to be an active bystander? What are the different factors of discrimination in nightlife and how can we foster an intersectional approach? How to create a safer space charter for music venues? 
Eight interviewees (artists, awareness team, diversity trainers, NGO professionals, and party-goers) share their experiences and enhance the more theoretical parts detailed by Mathilde Neuville, Consentis’ co-founder. 

Yoichi Iwamoto: On Transformation *

Ep. 1 Nomi
On Transformation è un podcast sul tema della traduzione.
Lo attraverseremo in un’esplorazione che si agita tra aneddoti, cultura e teoria alta e bassa, pop-culture e saperi esoterici, e conversazioni con ospiti che lavorano a stretto contatto con la traduzione e la parola tradotta. Per osservare che la traduzione è un processo politico per eccellenza e come il rapporto tra confine e traduzione sia cruciale e incredibilmente intrecciato.
On Transformation non vuole essere un tentativo di reclamare quello che nella traduzione si perde (“lost in translation”), un lamento della cultura e della lingua autentiche.
Ma più quanto di scoprire quello che in questa condizione di perdita può essere trovato, quelle tracce di movimento costante e frammenti di “imperduto” o non ancora perduto; non solo, anche quello di tracciare l'indeterminatezza della traduzione culturale e di esplorare l'instabilità insita in qualsiasi atto di traduzione.

Lijuan Klassen: Disclosing Enclosures *

Ep. 1 Historiographies of Enclosures
Over five episodes, this show will explore the concept of enclosure. The enclosure movement historically refers to the gradual privatisation of common land by wealthy landowners, literally by drawing a fence or hedge around an open field. Each episode takes a different angle to unpack the social, material and philosophical meaning of enclosure practices on varying scales, from medieval England to present-day Topolò.

Jack Bardwell: Radio is a Silent Bell *

Ep. 1. The Bells and the Bees
In this series Jack Bardwell will be using field recordings and other research from a month long residency with Radio Robida, to create a series of audio essays. As he attempts to articulate his fascination for radio he gets lost on a rambling walk through bee hives, bell ringing, radio history and online streaming platforms. The episodes are accompanied by a soundtrack; a digital synthesis of the three Bells that hang atop the church tower of Topolò on the Italy/Slovenia border. 

  • Disclosing Enclosures, On Transformation and Radio is a Silent Bell are part of The Other Radio program, financed by Javni zavod GO! 2025 - European capital of culture, Nova Gorica.