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Reset! workshop – Situated Publishing: Possibilities and challenges of editorial practices in post-rural contexts

The workshop titled Situated Publishing: Possibilities and Challenges of Editorial Practices in Post- Rural Contexts wanted to explore challenges, possibilities, positive and negative aspects of cultural production in post-rural contexts.
Post-rural territories are those areas that were once mainly inhabited by farmers and are today depopulated and almost abandoned, where farming life is not possible anymore (because of topographical reasons) and a change of activities and meaning is therefore needed to keep them alive. We, as Robida Collective, strongly believe that cultural work and economy can substitute what was once agricultural work and economy.
The workshop wanted to explore publishing and editorial practices that are born and developed within such territories. The questions at the base of the workshop were:

What feeds cultural practices in urban and rural contexts?
How to turn rurality into a methodology? What methods can we gather from the place we work from? How to decentralize cultural production to give more agency to margins, to strengthen the urban-rural exchange and relation?

Participants to the workshop: Jack Bardwell, Katja Canalaz, Dora Ciccone, Ola Korbańska, Antônio Frederico Lasalvia, Elena Rucli, Vida Rucli, Laura Savina, Vesna Skubic, Vid Skrbinšek, Aljaž Škrlep, Janja Šušnjar.