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Robida 9 soil – prst – suolo / open call

Open call for the 9th issue of Robida magazine, dedicated to exploring soils.
Deadline → 16.04.2023

Suolo - prst -soil is the topic of the next, ninth, issue of Robida magazine. We embrace the soil in all its layered complexity, which suggests to us a vast world of meanings and interpretations. For this reason, we felt the desire to modify our methodologies and usual approach to editorial work. We want to explore the topic through six categories, which brought about six small open-calls, one for each editor, suggested by our personal inclinations:

Symbolic soil
by Laura Savina
Soil as the symbolic root of culture, tradition, research and artistic practice.

Feminist soils
by Vida Rucli
Soil as a landscape of belonging, struggle and resistance, particularly through the lens of feminisms.

Theoretical soils
by Aljaž Škrlep
Soil as a category of historical and theoretical thought.

Dwelling soil
by Janja Šušnjar
Soil as an element of spatial and (co)dwelling practice.

Contaminated soils
by Elena Rucli
Soil as an object of geological, microbiological and climatic contamination of art.

Tactile soils
by Dora Ciccone
Soil as an archive of knowledge, a tool for learning and for sensorial experimentation.

Read more about each category and download the pdf of the open call here + on the page dedicated to the open call on our website!
Graphic design of the open call by Francesca Lucchitta