Radio Robida


World Radio Day – Radio Robida archives

13 Feb – 14 Feb 2023


On the occasion of the World Radio Day, Radio Robida opens its archives with 24h of voices, conversations, sounds, readings, listenings.
We selected 30 programs, trying to include everyone who contributed to Radio Robida since we started it in September 2021.

This is the list of programs:
Marginal Writing Practices, Ep.14, by Aljaž Škrlep and Jack Bardwell – 58:45
Saturday LOL Show, Ep.3, by Ola Korbańska – 1:02:37
E tu splendi invece, collective episode dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini – 36:22
Academy of Margins with Ruben Pater – 2:17:32
Music for mutating by Lijuan Klassen – 40:08
Radio Love Letters, Ep.5, by Benjamin Earl – 1:03
Academy of Margins with Michael Marder – 1:02:34
Ekološki leksikon, Ep.9, Neizčrpavajoča arhitektura, by Janja Šušnjar – 16:47
Bring the Noise, Ep.1, by Aljaž Škrlep – 45
Academy of Margins summer school with Marjetica Potrč – 38:57
Radio Tihotapci, Anja Medved in Nadja Velušček – 1:00:00
Mixtape by Lomo (22.01) – 1:00:09
Burying the butter, by Jelena Radić, Philipp Kolmann and Jack Bardell – 45:19
Jessica’s Secret Party Time, by Jesse van der Ploeg – 1:08:38
A Mouth Has More Flesh Than a Butterfly Can Carry by Matilda Kenttä, read by Kim Lang – 1:04:38
Disegno in suono, Ep.10 by Elena Rucli –1:00:32
Morning Reading Room, Ep.2 On politics and other things, by Vida Rucli and Jack Bardwell – 1:04:11
Sounds from Robida 8, Prisoners Sound Archive, by Mauro Tosarelli – 38:20
Lost in Media, Ep.11 by Tanja Marmai with Mathieu – 38:06
Symbio-playground of Seasons, a conversation with Philipp Kolmann – 57:32
Listen to the view, by Jack Bardwell and Janja Šušnjar – 57:32
Marginal Writing Practices, Ep.13 Poetry from the Bunkers by Aljaž Škrlep – 29:43
Voice from Matriarchy, collective episode – 1:16:47
Music for Izba, Ep. 9 by Young Goose and Dora Ciccone – 1:12:51
Ekološki leksikon, Ep.5, Hidrofeminizem by Vida Rucli – 23:06
Coding in Situ, a conversation with Benjamin Earl and Kirsten Spruit – 1:07:57
Sounds from Robida 8, Pinna Nobilis, by Camilla Isola – 22:37
L’incredibile storia della cooperativa delle pecore a Topolò, con Renzo Rucli – 45:30
Posture, coreografia e scrittura, una conversazione con Marta Olivieri – 1:00:43
Slow Down Fast, Ep.1 by Kim Lang and Francesca Lucchitta – 1:10:09

You can check our archives here: