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Céline Mathieu


Céline Mathieu (1989, Mechelen) is an artist whose work plays on the malleability of understanding, using linguistic and bodily sensibilities. Her current research ‘Conditions for Raw Materials’ looks at circulating thoughts and materials in space. She considers the former and afterlife of things; the agency of goods and (working) conditions; from her artists remuneration to thinking beyond storage.

Recent solo exhibitions include Mange d’haleine, gr_und, Berlin (2022); BY-PRODUCT, Lebensmittel, Berlin (2021); and Sun Tan (with Myrthe Christianne van der Mark as artist duo CMMC), IKOB, Eupen (2022). With Valérian Goalec, Mathieu had the two-person exhibition R. W. Rye at Cité internationale des arts, Paris (2020). Her novella Mouthful was published by Entr’acte (2021). Her work was presented in group exhibitions by Sentiment in Paris and at Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp; Corridor, Amsterdam; CLAPTRAP, Antwerp; Mu.ZEE, Ostend; La Virreina, Barcelona; and AAIR, Antwerp. Parts of her research for Conditions for Raw Materials will be presented in a two-person exhibition at PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerp (2023). Recent writing has appeared in Rupert Journal, MacGuffin magazine, Arts of the Working Class, O Fluxo, and Conceptual Fine Arts. Her work was featured in Mousse Magazine n°81. Mathieu’s upcoming solo shows will be at Sentiment, Zurich (2022–23), at Plus One in Antwerp (2023) and at Number One Main Road in Berlin (2023).

1989, Belgium




Currently elsewhere in the world