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Lijuan Klassen in Topolò x Radio drugega

"During two weeks in April and three weeks in September, I am working on a show for Radio Robida. Over five episodes, this show will explore the concept of enclosure. The enclosure movement historically refers to the gradual privatisation of common land by wealthy landowners, literally by drawing a fence or hedge around an open field. Each episode takes a different angle to unpack the social, material and philosophical meaning of enclosure practices on varying scales, from medieval England to present-day Topolò.

We begin with introductory remarks on the history of dispossession and revolts in medieval Europe, followed by the story of land privatisation in Topolò. In the second episode, we look at the body as a territory in light of women's enclosure in the private sphere of the household and the separation of social production from reproductive labour. The third episode is dedicated to the relations between enclosures and ecology, with another special guest, Antonio Frederico Lasalvia, who tells us about bubbles and spheres. For the fourth episode, we visit the twin cities Nova Gorica, reflecting on life at the border, material, imagined, abolished or new. The show concludes with a conversation on Of Hospitality by Jacques Derrida with Donovan Stewart, departing from the question at the core of centuries of struggle over commons and enclosures, which is how to live well and just together within the planetary boundaries."
Lijuan Klassen

The radio show is part of The Other Radio platform, a project of the Robida Collective, co-financed by the public institute GO! 2025 - European capital of culture, Nova Gorica.