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Robida – a situated magazine to be-longing

on: 06/12
by: Vida Rucli


on: 13/11
by: Franca Lucchitta

Robida through 4 words

on: 31/08
by: Robida

Robida's reading list

on: 30/07
by: Robida


on: 22/06
by: Sasha van Aalst

The Faces and Surfaces of Robida

on: 07/05
by: Michael Marder

Spazi sonori

on: 08/04
by: Dora Ciccone

In Praise of Transformation

on: 15/02
by: Elena Rucli

Ajda Pratika

on: 12/11
by: Robida

On relating to the landscape

on: 20/10
by: Hannah Segerkrantz

On Small Things - updated on 16/2/2023

on: 20/10
by: Aljaž Škrlep

Robida – a situated magazine

on: 20/10
by: Vida Rucli

A Normal Person Theory - NEW

on: 03/09
by: Aljaž Škrlep